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Curl is founded by passionate entrepreneurs who have rich and vibrant technical and managerial expertise. We are research and development company with expertise on emerging technologies such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Blockchain and IoT. We primarily focus on developing products using latest technologies in various niche areas such as algorithmic trading, genomics, earth science, intelligent data extraction, demand forecasting, route optimization, drone-based analytics and Blockchain advisory & development. We also provide solutions and services.




We have deep understanding of financial markets and investment services across multiple asset classes. We combine quantitative techniques and fundamental views to provide investment ideas and solutions to our clients. We use various sorts of non-traditional data to forecast the market / asset movements and allow our clients to position their portfolios helping them maximise their returns


Life Science

We are computational partners to our clients in the life sciences space. We excel in providing research and development support, understanding genome sequencing and product development. We provide end to end genome sequencing solutions. We also help in increasing various operational efficiencies and increasing sales effectiveness


IOT Solutions

We help the governments in developing Smart Cities by providing technology driven solutions to various city /civic issues ranging from managing peak hour traffics to automated drone survey of roads. We combine our computational expertise with internet of things to provide efficient solutions to large complex issues in industries.


Weather and Climate

Our Weather Forecasting services include an array of offerings such as forecasting the rainfall pattern and temperature changes in a region to mapping the water resources. We provide mid to long term forecast using cutting edge models built using machine learning techniques.



Machine Learning

Advancements in Machine Learning (ML) are fuelling innovations in various fields today. We have expertise machine learning and deep learning. We use ML in analysing the data, to build prediction models and to create algorithms to solve various problems.

Computer Vision

Computer Vision is one of our core competencies. We provide IOT based solutions using computer vision and machine learning to automate various industrial process and provide smart city solutions.

Process Automation

Robotic process automation (RPA) involves automating process oriented jobs by using smart programs. In this highly competitive environment, cost saving and efficiency are must. RPA provides both cost saving and increase in efficiency.

Big Data Analytics

Internet, mobile devices and other technologies have led to generation of huge amount of data. The term “Big data” refers to hundreds of gigabytes (GBs) to terabytes (TBs) and even petabytes (PBs) of data which is collected and stored.


Big Data Analytics Solutions

We provide big data analytics solutions and actionable business insights to our clients to quickly adapt to changing customer needs, improve time-to-market capabilities and maintain large product portfolios at reduced costs

Predictive Models

We use various machine learning and time series based mathematical models to forecast financial markets, weather, sales, customer trends etc

Custom IOT Solutions

We build custom IOT solutions for industrial automation and smart city needs using our expertise in computer vision and machine learning technologies.

Automation of Processes

We use advanced custom software to automate various processes and to help you earn a quick return on your outsourcing spending by reducing service costs, improving efficiency and security

Computational Solutions

We provide custom algorithmic solutions to your problems and we also help you in hosting your products on cloud to improve speed and reduce cost.


We provide consultancy in our core areas of finance, genomics, climate and IOT. We also advice our clients in their big data, machine learning, computer vision and automation needs.

Research & Development

We work on various in-house research and development projects. We try to push the boundary of innovation and technology to come up with new algorithms and techniques to help our clients in their future problems


Company about

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